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We create, print and encode your ID cards.

Produkt Overview / Choise

We create designs and layouts for your ID cards or name badges. Your designs are professionally translated into a printable template. The personalization and production of the ID cards / name badges takes place in the offset, thermal sublimation or re-transfer process. If necessary, we take the direct shipment to your customers or branches.

We supply EVOLIS card printers for every requirement. Whether it is a simple, single-sided black-and-white printer or a complete video system with camera and RFID coding station, we will discuss this in a personal conversation.

For the protection of rooms, buildings or terrain parts, we offer simple door control systems and PC-controlled access control systems with extensive evaluation options. The access authorization can be made via PIN, fingerprint or RFID readers.

ID- and Mediacards
For self-inscription / personalization of your ID cards, we supply white and colored blank PVC cards in credit card format. The cards can be equipped with magnetic stripes or with RFID transponders. Of course, we also supply preprinted and pre-coded cards which can be personalized at your premises.​

Card Holders protect your ID cards from dirt / wear and ensure safe and comfortable carrying of the cards. Depending on the card layout, holders in horizontal or vertical design are used. Depending on requirements, holders and covers made of hard plastic, soft plastic or vinyl covers can be used.

Badgereels are used when ID cards, RFID fobs or keys are often used for time recording or door opening. The ID medium is attached to the pull-out mechanism of the Jojo with a vinyl strap, snap hook or key ring. At the person the yojo is attached to the belt, to the belt buckle or to the handbag. The Badgereels can be made of metal or plastic in many shapes and colors. The Yoyos can individually z. B. be provided with company logo.

Lanyards are a popular means of access control for events and events of all kinds. We supply lanyards in various widths, lengths and in many standard colors. Especially popular are custom-made lanyards printed with company logo or advertising messages. For safety, a closure is integrated which opens the lanyard when pulling hard. To attach the ID cards are vinyl straps, snap hooks, key rings u. a. to select.

Wear clips are needed to attach ID cards to clothing. The clips can be designed as a suspender clip or crocodile clip. The material used is metal or transparent / colored plastic. The ID cards or ID card holders are provided with a slot through which the vinyl strap of the clips is guided and closed with a pressure lock.

Name tags are attached to the clothing with a holder with clip, clip, needle or magnetic holder. As material metal or plastic can be used. The names are engraved or printed on the name card using various methods.

Magnetholder, Clips, Needles
For attaching ID cards or name tags to clothing, we offer many options. Clips and needle or a combination of clip and needle are the most common. Magnetic holders in various sizes and shapes are often used as a particularly gentle garment.


In order to identify your luggage safely and protect it from confusion and theft, we offer the appropriate items for luggage identification. Luggage tags in different shapes and colors. Luggage chains, carrying straps and straps of leather or plastic. For your suitcase we can deliver individually printed straps.

So that self-made ID cards can be worn, they must be provided with a round or slot. We deliver the necessary punches and pliers. You also get card shelves, boxes and small suitcases for storing the ID cards.


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