We deliver Cardprinters from EVOLIS for every range of application and for all demands. Respectable mechanics and Hightech electronics provide for a robust and sure continuous operation. The printers EVOLIS contrast by their patented security watermarks similar to hologram with other Cardprinters.

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Badgeprinter Tatoo (Rewritable)
Evolis Tattoo2 RW, unilaterally, 12 points / mms (300dpi), USB, Ethernet
Card printer, unilaterally (rerecordably), Thermo-directly, resolution: 12 points / mms (300dpi), USB, Ethernet, incl.: Card supply, cable (USB), net share, net cable Card designer software (demo)
Shippingtime: 1 Week 1 Week
(abroad may vary)
1.250,00 EUR
1.250,00 EUR per Pcs
plus 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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